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2016 Results

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The full results from the 2o16 Wally Waddle 5k and 1 mile kids run are available on the Results Page. Below are the winners for each race.

Overall 5k Winners
Mike Insler (5 time winner)
Melissa Guckian

Overall 1 Mile Winners
Frank Vanzillotta (2nd year in a row)
Olivia Serrano
Family Teams
The Millennium Falcons: Natalie Cartwright and Isabelle Serrano
Southview Sprinters: Traci Meyer and Brendan Meyer

Nominate a Pie

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In the Wa Wa Wally Waddle’s first year (2010), you had to beat a Camp Wa Wa Segowea alumni relay team to receive a pie. In the second year, we settled on our permanent formula: pies to all female and male age group winners, with extra pies raffled off.


Pies have been the Waddle’s “special” from the start, the feature that makes the race memorable and unique. Sure, we have a great race date, a fast course in a serene setting, and other “extras” that make it an exciting morning, but we are known for being the pie race.

For seven years, our wonderful volunteers have baked chocolate silk pies, apple pies, cherry pies, coconut cream pies, whoopee pies, berry pies, s’mores pies, and an assortment of other confections. We recently added gluten- and dairy-free pies to the mix.

Here’s my question for you all to answer below: What pies would you like to see at the 2016 Waddle? We’ll draw from the list and make some new ones to motivate our runners and walkers.

One of our goals this year is to announce our winners about an hour after the 5K starts. This means we’ll stay on target to get you home in time to have pie for brunch.

Thank you to everyone who has already registered for the kids mile or 5K. And for those of you who haven’t yet attended a Waddle: Give us a try. You might win a pie!

2016 Wally Waddle 5k

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7th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k and Kids Runs.
Benefiting Camp Wa Wa Segowea Camper Scholarship Fund
    • Vassar Farms corner of Raymond and Hooker Ave.  Map
    • Sunday May 8th, 2016 (Mother’s Day)
    • Race Day registration 7:30-9:00 am
    • Kids 1 mile 9:00 am (free if you preregister $5 on race day)
    • Kids Rugby Field Rush 100 yards 9:15 am (free)
    • 5K Run/Walk 9:30 am ($20 preregistration $25 race day)
    • Awarding of the Pies around 10:30 am
    • T-shirts to the 1st 200 Registered 5k runners
    • Free games, face painting and balloon animals for the kids

Please note the 1 mile kids run and 5k run start 30 minutes earlier this year. We have moved the times up in an effort to get people on with their Mother’s Day celebrations more quickly.

Register online here

Happy Pie Winner.

Happy Pie Winner.

Every year after the Wally Waddle my wife Lisa and I spend much of the 5+ hour drive back to Rochester, NY discussing the race. We talk about what went well and what we can improve. After 6 years we still find little details that need tweaking and some big ones that’ll I’ll get to later. It is the nature of race directors to worry about all the things that didn’t go as planned. But it’s also important to remember the successes.

Happy Runner.

Happy Runner.

We had beautiful weather and a fantastic turnout. Every year the race draws more families as evidenced by the growing number of kids mile participants and family 5k teams. The best part of the Waddle for me is seeing kids, parents, and grandparents all taking part in the various races. Three generations of Perks were at the race. We had a Perks in each event as well several volunteering. My wife and my mom have both spent their last 6 Mother’s Days at the Wally Waddle helping make the day great for others.

First Camp Segowea Alumnus Zach Korzyk.

First Camp Segowea Alumnus Zach Korzyk.

One of the ways we measure success at the Wally Waddle is by how much money we raise to help send children to YMCA Camp Segowea. This year we raised $3000, all of which goes to helping kids in the Hudson Valley attend Camp Segowea. By running the Wally Waddle 5k you are helping kids have a camp experience in which they will learn, play, and grow. The kids and volunteers thank you for your support!

Connie and Mike our Waddle 5k Champions.

Connie and Mike our Waddle 5k Champions.

When Lisa and I do our postmortem on the race we typically find small issues that we want to correct: the food table needed more knives, we forgot the camp alumni prize mugs, we didn’t order enough XL shirts, etc. This year, however, we had a big glaring problem. Our timing tent blew over, all the computers crashed to the ground, and the chip timing system that normally spits results as soon as runners cross the finish line took hours to get sorted out (You can see all the results here). As a result many of you sat around in the hot sun for much longer than you should have to find out how you did.

As a runner there are only a few things I really need from a race. I want an accurately measured, easy to follow course and accurate, timely results. This year we failed to give you accurate,timely results and for that I am truly sorry. Although we had a manual backup system in place and we did eventually get the complete chip timed results, we made you wait far too long for awards. I appreciate the patience you showed sticking around for the awarding of the pies and promise we will do better next year. Next year we will award the pies just one hour after the 5k begins.



We have some other changes in store for next year’s Waddle, the biggest of which is moving all the races up by 30 minutes. In an effort to get people out of the heat and on with their Mother’s Day, we will start the kids 1 mile race at 9:00 am, the kids 100 yard Wally dash at 9:20 and the 5k at 9:30. The awarding of the pies will begin at 10:30.

From me and the all the volunteers who help put on the Wally Waddle each year, thank you for your support. We hope to see you next spring at a more tightly-organized Waddle.

Ready for Race Day

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6th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k and Kids Runs.
Benefiting Camp Wa Wa Segowea Camper Scholarship Fund
Time Sunday, May 10 · 9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Vassar Farms corner of Raymond and Hooker Ave.  Map
  • Race Day registration 7:30-9:30 am
  • Kids 1 mile 9:30 am (free if you preregister $5 on race day)
  • Kids Rugby Field Rush 100 yards 9:45 am (free)
  • 5K Run/Walk 10:00 am ($20 preregistration $25 race day)
  • Awarding of the Pies 11:00 am
  • T-shirts to the 1st 200 Registered 5k runners
  • Free games, face painting and balloon animals for the kids
Register online here.
A huge Wa Wa thank you to all of this years race sponsors, we couldn’t do this without you.
Silver Sponsors.
Mid-Hudson Oral Surgeons
Tubby’s Bathroom Resurfacing
Morris Associates Engineering Consultants, PLLC
Adams Fairacre Farms
Mid-Hudson Road Runner’s Club
Justin Feldman Physical Therapy
The Derby
MVP Health Care
Caffe Aurora 
Sign Sponsors
Eric’s Fuel Service

Encouraging Lifelong Runners

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Start of the kids 1 mile race.

I still remember doing my first road race. It was the Cary Arboretum 2 miler. That was 30 years and 20,000+ miles ago. I’m committed to training properly now, but I  didn’t train for that first race.  On second thought, it is more accurate to say I didn’t know I was training for the race.

I had, like most kids, spent years running everywhere I went. I ran to my friends’ houses. I ran to get the mail. I ran playing tag, football, and kill the carrier. We had impromptu races on the play ground to see who was the fastest kid in the class.

Sign at my neighborhood elementary school playground.

Sign at my neighborhood elementary school playground.

As a runner, and a former kid, you can imagine my horror when I saw the above sign at my neighborhood elementary school playground. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I decided this must just be some sign that the playground manufacturers had to put up. Unfortunately that is not the case. My neighbor who has two kids at the school informed me that her kids complain daily about not being allowed to run during recess (although some teachers will occasionally turn a blind eye). No running during recess, because it is too dangerous!

Race Wally!

Race Wally!


While it saddens me that kids are growing up being told they aren’t allowed to run, I am all the more thankful I get to give kids a chance to become lifelong runners. For several years now the Mid-Hudson Road Runners club, with generous support from MVP Health Care, has offered free preregistration for kids races at many of their events. For the past five years, the Wally Waddle has had both a 100 yard Wally Dash (for kids 6 and younger) and a 1 mile race (for kids 13 and younger). The 100 yard dash requires no registration and is held just before the start of the 5k on the rugby field at Vassar Farms. The 1 mile race is free if you preregister your child at and only $5 on race day ($10 gets you registered and a great kids t-shirt).


Finishing the 1 mile race.

So join us this Mother’s Day and set your child on the path to lifelong fitness!

  • Sunday May 8, 2016 at Vassar Farms in Poughkeepsie, NY
  • 7:30-9:00 am Race Day Registration and Preregistration packet pick up
  • 9:00 1 miles kids run (13 and under)
  • Kids shirts will be on sale for $10 at race day
  • 9:30 am 5k run/walk
  • 10:30 (or thereabouts) the awarding of the pies to 5K age group winners!

Mother’s Day Tradition

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Once again we will be doing Wally Waddle 5k Mother’s Day Family Teams! What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than running as a family? There will be 2 categories for the family teams: Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son. Only one team per family (sorry Mom’s with multiple running kids you are going to have to pick your favorite.) Prizes will be award to the team in each category with the fastest combined time for the 5k.

Caffe Aurora is once again sponsoring the Mother’s team with gift certificates to each of the winning teams.

Caffe Aurora!

Caffe Aurora!

 Use the form below to sign up your team. You still need to register for the race individually either online at the MHRRC website or on race day.

A Prize Worth Running For

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The Wally Waddle 5k always has a great variety of pies: cherry, apple, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, moon, s’mores, chocolate velvet, and blueberry have all been part of our offerings. The Waddle pie-makers are pleased to announce that our 2015 age-group prizes will once again include a gluten-free apple crumble and  a gluten- and dairy-free s’mores pie. We wanted to take this step to make our prizes more inclusive. Over 2 million Americans eat gluten-free diets because of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, including the person who maintains the gluten free runner blog. We modified her recipe for the s’mores pie to also make it dairy free. Each home-made pie will be properly marked but if you get a gluten and/or dairy free pie and you have no dietary restrictions, no worries: we promise they taste just as good as the “regular” pies!




As always home-made pies will be awarded to the male and female overall and age group winners in the following categories:

19 and younger

In addition to award pies, there will be a free pie raffle based on your bib number.  We normally have 7-10 pies to give away during the raffle so make sure you stick around for your chance to win!


Registration is now open for the 2015 Wally Waddle sign-up today 


Thank you

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The 2014 Wally Waddle was our biggest and most successful Waddle to date.  We had record numbers for both the 5k and the kids mile run.  We raised over $3000 to send kids to YMCA Camp Segowea and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.


An event like this doesn’t happen without a whole bunch of people doing lots of hard work.  Camp Segowea alumni make up a large portion of our volunteer force, doing everything from directing runners and managing race day registrations, to face painting and fundraising.  The Mid-Hudson Road Runners always show up in force to help with timing and scoring the race, and we had a great crew of current Camp Segowea employees on hand to help setup and talk with parents about camp.  And of course I can’t forget to mention our many pie elves who bake nearly 30 pies every year!

A big part of our annual success is due to our business sponsors.  They help provide awards as well as dollars to help send area children to camp.  Please consider supporting them in return.

Mid-Hudson Oral Surgeons
Tubby’s Bathroom Resurfacing
Morris Associates Engineering
Justin Feldman Physical Therapy

Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club
The Brown Derby
Caffe Aurora
Radio Woodstock WDST 100.1
Rudy’s Bagels


There were 193 5k finishers this year (up from 178 last year), and the first one across the line was a familiar face.  After a one year hiatus Mike Insler returned to win this 4th Wally Waddle 5k, while  Connie Seigh took the top spot for the women.  You can find all the race results including the 1 mile and the family team scoring on the results page.

Charlotte Kopp was on hand taking hundreds of photos.  You can see them all on her Shutterfly page .  

Thank you to everyone one ran, walked or did a little bit of both.  I truly hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all again next Mother’s Day.