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Thank you

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The 2014 Wally Waddle was our biggest and most successful Waddle to date.  We had record numbers for both the 5k and the kids mile run.  We raised over $3000 to send kids to YMCA Camp Segowea and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.


An event like this doesn’t happen without a whole bunch of people doing lots of hard work.  Camp Segowea alumni make up a large portion of our volunteer force, doing everything from directing runners and managing race day registrations, to face painting and fundraising.  The Mid-Hudson Road Runners always show up in force to help with timing and scoring the race, and we had a great crew of current Camp Segowea employees on hand to help setup and talk with parents about camp.  And of course I can’t forget to mention our many pie elves who bake nearly 30 pies every year!

A big part of our annual success is due to our business sponsors.  They help provide awards as well as dollars to help send area children to camp.  Please consider supporting them in return.

Mid-Hudson Oral Surgeons
Tubby’s Bathroom Resurfacing
Morris Associates Engineering
Justin Feldman Physical Therapy

Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club
The Brown Derby
Caffe Aurora
Radio Woodstock WDST 100.1
Rudy’s Bagels


There were 193 5k finishers this year (up from 178 last year), and the first one across the line was a familiar face.  After a one year hiatus Mike Insler returned to win this 4th Wally Waddle 5k, while  Connie Seigh took the top spot for the women.  You can find all the race results including the 1 mile and the family team scoring on the results page.

Charlotte Kopp was on hand taking hundreds of photos.  You can see them all on her Shutterfly page .  

Thank you to everyone one ran, walked or did a little bit of both.  I truly hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all again next Mother’s Day.

A Greater Variety of Pies!

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The Wally Waddle 5k always has a great variety of pies: cherry, apple, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, moon, s’mores, chocolate velvet, and blueberry have all been part of our offerings. The Waddle pie-makers are pleased to announce that our 2014 age-group prizes will include a gluten-free apple crumble and  a gluten- and dairy-free s’mores pie. We wanted to take this step to make our prizes more inclusive. Over 2 million Americans eat gluten-free diets because of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, including the person who maintains the gluten free runner blog. We modified her recipe for the s’mores pie to also make it dairy free. Each home-made pie will be properly marked but if you get a gluten and/or dairy free pie and you have no dietary restrictions, no worries: we promise they taste just as good as the “regular” pies!

turtle shaped pie

Maybe these little guys will be added to next year’s pie offering. From


As always home-made pies will be awarded to the male and female overall and age group winners in the following categories:

19 and younger

In addition to award pies, there will be a free pie raffle based on your bib number.  We normally have 7-10 pies to give away during the raffle so make sure you stick around for your chance to win!

The Waddle Holiday Tradition

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Over 600 people participated in the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Turkey Trot races in 2013, making it one of the biggest running events of the year. Why is it that Turkey Trots are such a popular tradition? The Waddle organizers hope to capture three of those reasons with our race: pies, family, and holiday tradition.


Pies. Turkey is fairly bland, but pie is full of flavor. We took the best part of Thanksgiving dinner and made it part of our race, handing out pie-prizes to the age group winners and free raffle pies after the awards are given.

Family. The 2014 Waddle includes a new Mother/Son and Mother/Daughter competition, along with enhanced free family fun. Mothers with adult children can do the 5K together and mothers with little children can watch their kids race, play games, and get their faces painted. And if Mom’s dream day is to sleep in and enjoy a quiet house by herself, Dad can take the kids to the Waddle and bring them back happy and tired.

Holiday Tradition. The Waddle takes place on Mother’s Day every year. This means you always know when the race will be, and you can build it into your traditional Mother’s Day celebration. Take Mom to the races and start the day with exercise before celebrating with a delicious brunch or lunch. (Unlike Thanksgiving, make sure that Mom doesn’t do any of the cooking.)

Register Today at MHRRC!

A word from (and about) our sponsors

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Over the past 4 years the Wa Wa Wally Waddle has raised over $15,000 in camper scholarships.  This money is used to send children from the Hudson Valley to YMCA Camp Segowea (pictured above).  Some of the money raised comes from your race registration fees and we thank you for your support every year.  Without you there would be no Wally Waddle.  But much of your registration fee goes toward putting on the race: there are t-shirts and awards to buy, porta-potties to be rented, credit card fees for online registration, security to be hired from Vassar College, food, drinks, face paint, balloon animals… anyway you get the idea.  We could, like many fundraising races, charge $25 $30 or even $50 for a 5k race, but we always strive to balance our fundraising goals with our desire to keep the event accessible to largest number of runners possible.

That is where our amazing sponsors come in.  Each year business from the Poughkeepsie area have generously donated to the Wally Waddle allowing us to give kids who would otherwise miss out, an opportunity to attend YMCA Camp Segowea.  This year’s sponsors include:

I encourage you to support our sponsor’s businesses as they have supported your community.

If you are a business owner (or know one) please consider changing a child’s life, and sponsoring the Wally Waddle.  We have many sponsorship levels to choose from and can work with you on a sponsorship that benefits both you and Camp Segowea.  To find out more visit our Wally Waddle Sponsorship page or email me.

Wally Waddle Free Family Fun

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The Wally Waddle is expanding in its fifth year to add more free family fun. Come for the free kids races and stay for a whole morning full of camp games, face painting, and balloon animals. As parents of two little ones, Josh and Lisa know how important it is to get the kids out of the house for fresh air and fun–especially after this tough winter! We want the Waddle to be an event your kids remember and look forward to, just like our oldest daughter who points at Vassar Farm and asks, “When is the Waddle Waddle?” whenever we drive by.


Whatever you call the event–the Wally Waddle, the Waddle Waddle, the Big Turtle Race, or the Pie Race–we hope you join us on Mother’s Day for lots of free family fun. 


Register for the Wally Waddle Today!

A few words about Wally Waddle prizes (Pie!).

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5 years ago when we started the Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k we wanted to do something different to set us apart from the many other races available to Hudson Valley runners.  Being a bit of a running purist (snob), I didn’t want to make the actual race itself anything other than a straight forward 5k in a beautiful setting, so that led us to coming up with a great prize. Sure some people like medals, and some like trophies, while still other prefer gift certificates, but many runners have closets and shelves full of those things (well probably not gift certificates hopefully they spend those).  So what is the one thing that ever runner wants?  The answer; PIE!

Seriously, have you ever met a someone who doesn’t like pie?  If you have, I can guarantee that person wasn’t a runner.  Heck Runner’s World editor Mark Remy even has a section of the site dedicated to pie and pie related stories.



The first year of the Wally Waddle we came up with convoluted way to award the pies.  We had 10 Camp Segowea alumni run as a relay team during the 5k, and any runners who beat the relay team won a pie.  This lead to a great deal of confusion among the runners, so in our second year we decided to give a pie to the over all winners and the age group winners.  This turned out to be much less confusing, and also allowed the camp alumni to actually run the whole 5k if they wanted to.


So right about now you might be thinking, “I’m a runner, I like pie, but I don’t think I can win my age group.  Maybe the Wally Waddle isn’t for me.”  Well don’t fret yet!  You see, all our pies are baked fresh by our wonderful team of Camp Segowea alumni, and they are such a dedicated bunch that they always bake way more pies than we need for the age group awards.  Now a greedy man might keep all those extra pies to himself, but I’m not such a man.  I like to give back to the people.  After all the age group pies have been awarded, we raffle off the extra pies based on bib numbers.  All you need to do is finish the 5k and your automatically entered into the fresh baked pie raffle!



So runners young or old, fast or slow, man or woman, all have a chance to go home with a PIE!  But we don’t stop with pie, oh no.  We have more wonderful prizes.  To see the full list of Wally Waddle awards see our Prizes Page.  Register online now!

Race Details For the 5th Annual Wally Waddle

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The 5th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k and kids run helps send children of the Hudson Valley to YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea, located 1 hour from Poughkeepsie, NY in the Berkshires.

The Waddle is run every year on Mother’s Day and is a excellent opportunity for family to do something healthy together.  The race is run on the closed dirt roads at the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve across the road from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  There are awards for top male and female finisher, age group winners, and mother’s day team winners.  Most awards involve pie!

Register online by 11:59 Friday night May 9th by visiting the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club Website .  There is no extra fee for using the online registration option and it will save our volunteers a lot of work if you preregister.  It will also save you $5 ($7 if you are a MHRRC member) off the cost of race day registration.

  • Sunday May 11, 2014
  • 7:30-9:00 am Race Day Registration and Preregistration packet pick up
  • 9:30 1 miles kids run (13 and under) shirts will be on sale for $10 at race day.
  • 10:00 am 5k run/walk
  • 11:00 (or there abouts) the awarding of the pies! and other awards.

A few photo highlights from 2013

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Register for the Wally Waddle Today!

Even as the Northeast digs out from another blast of snow, spring is inexorably inching closer.  That means it is time to sign up for your spring races, starting with the Wally Waddle 5k.   We are very excited to have a new awards category this year.  Mother’s Day Family Teams!


What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than running as a family? There will be 2 categories for the family teams: Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son. Only one team per family (sorry Mom’s with multiple running kids you are going to have to pick your favorite.) Prizes will be award to the team in each category with the fastest combined time for the 5k.

Use the form below to sign up your team. You still need to register for the race individually either online at the MHRRC website or via the mail-in flyer.


Never too early to think about Waddling

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As summer turns to fall, our minds drift to thoughts of fresh picked apples , which in turn leads us to think about pies, which of course leads us to think about the 5th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k!



While May is admittedly a long way off I’ve already begun planning for the 2014 Wally Waddle (actually I started planning for it  “waaaaay laaaast Maaaaayy” sorry couldn’t resist a little camp humor!)

2013 was the most competitive waddle yet.

2013 was the most competitive waddle yet.

The 2013 Waddle was a great success, even without the presence of yours truly.  I promise I’ll be there in 2014 running the show with new improvements to our ever growing event.

Focus on Moms.

The 2014 Waddle will have a new awards category, with a focus on moms.  As the Waddle is run on Mother’s Day every year, we thought it would be nice to give all those smoking fast moms out there a chance to win a special prize.   We will be giving away a free brunch at a local eatery (if you are an eatery and would like to sponsor this prize let us know!) to the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son teams that have the fastest combined time in the 5k.

Also to help out mom  (and I suppose dad), YMCA Camp Segowea staff and alumni will be available to keep your kids busy while you run.  We will have a number of fun activities for kids ages 3+ taking place on the rugby field during the 5k race.

5 Year Awards

To celebrate our 5th year doing the Wally Waddle we will be presenting special, to be determined, awards to anyone who has finished all 5 years.  The short list of people who have done the first 4 years is:

Easton, David,
Fiege, Michael
Goran, Steven
Hodus, Jon,
Korzyk, Zach
Lange, Cheryl
Meluch, Andrew
Mittleman, Elisha

If I have left you off the list and you have finished the Waddle each of the last 4 years please let me know.

Stay tuned for more updates and have a great fall racing season!