A Greater Variety of Pies!

The Wally Waddle 5k always has a great variety of pies: cherry, apple, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, moon, s’mores, chocolate velvet, and blueberry have all been part of our offerings. The Waddle pie-makers are pleased to announce that our 2014 age-group prizes will include a gluten-free apple crumble and  a gluten- and dairy-free s’mores pie. We wanted to take this step to make our prizes more inclusive. Over 2 million Americans eat gluten-free diets because of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, including the person who maintains the gluten free runner blog. We modified her recipe for the s’mores pie to also make it dairy free. Each home-made pie will be properly marked but if you get a gluten and/or dairy free pie and you have no dietary restrictions, no worries: we promise they taste just as good as the “regular” pies!

turtle shaped pie
Maybe these little guys will be added to next year’s pie offering. From https://blog.girlybubble.com/2010/05/


As always home-made pies will be awarded to the male and female overall and age group winners in the following categories:

19 and younger

In addition to award pies, there will be a free pie raffle based on your bib number.  We normally have 7-10 pies to give away during the raffle so make sure you stick around for your chance to win!

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