Never too early to think about Waddling

As summer turns to fall, our minds drift to thoughts of fresh picked apples , which in turn leads us to think about pies, which of course leads us to think about the 5th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k!


While May is admittedly a long way off I’ve already begun planning for the 2014 Wally Waddle (actually I started planning for it  “waaaaay laaaast Maaaaayy” sorry couldn’t resist a little camp humor!)

2013 was the most competitive waddle yet.
2013 was the most competitive waddle yet.

The 2013 Waddle was a great success, even without the presence of yours truly.  I promise I’ll be there in 2014 running the show with new improvements to our ever growing event.

Focus on Moms.

The 2014 Waddle will have a new awards category, with a focus on moms.  As the Waddle is run on Mother’s Day every year, we thought it would be nice to give all those smoking fast moms out there a chance to win a special prize.   We will be giving away a free brunch at a local eatery (if you are an eatery and would like to sponsor this prize let us know!) to the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son teams that have the fastest combined time in the 5k.

Also to help out mom  (and I suppose dad), YMCA Camp Segowea staff and alumni will be available to keep your kids busy while you run.  We will have a number of fun activities for kids ages 3+ taking place on the rugby field during the 5k race.

5 Year Awards

To celebrate our 5th year doing the Wally Waddle we will be presenting special, to be determined, awards to anyone who has finished all 5 years.  The short list of people who have done the first 4 years is:

Easton, David,
Fiege, Michael
Goran, Steven
Hodus, Jon,
Korzyk, Zach
Lange, Cheryl
Meluch, Andrew
Mittleman, Elisha

If I have left you off the list and you have finished the Waddle each of the last 4 years please let me know.

Stay tuned for more updates and have a great fall racing season!


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