The Waddle Holiday Tradition

Over 600 people participated in the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Turkey Trot races in 2013, making it one of the biggest running events of the year. Why is it that Turkey Trots are such a popular tradition? The Waddle organizers hope to capture three of those reasons with our race: pies, family, and holiday tradition.


Pies. Turkey is fairly bland, but pie is full of flavor. We took the best part of Thanksgiving dinner and made it part of our race, handing out pie-prizes to the age group winners and free raffle pies after the awards are given.

Family. The 2014 Waddle includes a new Mother/Son and Mother/Daughter competition, along with enhanced free family fun. Mothers with adult children can do the 5K together and mothers with little children can watch their kids race, play games, and get their faces painted. And if Mom’s dream day is to sleep in and enjoy a quiet house by herself, Dad can take the kids to the Waddle and bring them back happy and tired.

Holiday Tradition. The Waddle takes place on Mother’s Day every year. This means you always know when the race will be, and you can build it into your traditional Mother’s Day celebration. Take Mom to the races and start the day with exercise before celebrating with a delicious brunch or lunch. (Unlike Thanksgiving, make sure that Mom doesn’t do any of the cooking.)

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